We interviewed with ex-SS‘s Captain Engin “Majer” Küpeli who is currently playing for French squad LDLC.

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Gamerbase: BIG has said that XANTARES couldn’t even throw nades properly when he first got in the team and they had to teach him everything from the beginning because of this. How was he with tactics when he was playing for Space Soldiers? What do you think about his decreasing performance, why he can’t perform as good as he used to?
Maj3r: Well to be honest, XANTARES knew how to throw a good flash, they are overreacting about that, he has a unique playstyle and he may lack of teamplay bacause of his style but he knows how to play this game. As a leader you have to use your players in the best way to perform. I gave him a lot of space on T side, switching between entry role and lurker role, he is like a Pitbull, you have to give him freedom, if you force him to do something it is not going to work. I understood that when I was playing with him. I think his peformance is not as good today because of two reasons:
-First the lack of ingame communication between them (English, German)
– And secondly BIG’s playstyle is all about their teamplay which is structural, disciplined. Players play for that structure. XANTARES lack of this quality and that’s why i think he hasn’t fit in the team yet.
Also BIG play slowly most of the time meanwhile XANTARES wants to get super aggressive. These two playstyles are completly different.

Gamerbase: Last summer, all Space Soldiers players had protested the organization. What was the reason for this? What issues did you experience? Can you tell us why the team decided to leave the organization?
Maj3r: There is no need to re-enter the details, they promised us sponsorships and a lot of thing which never happened. They are fantastic people, Aydin Family and their workers are very honest and good people but Space Soldiers was an amateur organisation in esports. Bunyamin Aydin was busy with his own business (Les Benjamins) and people he hired to improve his organisation were not in the esports scene. They didn’t Know anything about eSports. So in the end its was a good story, we had both good and bad times with both organisation and players.

Gamerbase: XANTARES had left the Ex-SS just before attending Europe Minor. How did this effect you? Did you know that he was going to leave or was it a bad surprise for you?
Maj3r: It was a bad surprise, we did a 24 hours car trip to play minor closed qualifier in Prague from Istanbul, and after we won our slot to minor, we got back to Istanbul and a couple days later, he told us in teamspeak that he wanted to leave us for BIG. Back then I used to talk with him a lot that I understood his desire to leave the team because we were stuck at Tier1/Tier2 level for one year and the team was not improving but i told him to do it after minor and please give us last chance because of what we have been through, but he wanted to play major this year and and going to BIG meant guaranteeing a major slot for him because BIG was already at challenger stage this year. If he had played with us at the minors he wouldn’t be able to play major with BIG. He told me that he was leaving because team was not improving and he wanted to play for the best teams in the world. He had multiple offers from Mousesports and FaZe also but he felt like Big was a family for him which made me sad when I heard it. I wish him good luck further. We had a good time kardeş let’s remember good memories 🙂

Gamerbase: You are playing for LDLC now. What do you think about LDLC? Would you consider LDLC as one of the best French teams?
Maj3r: I’m playing with LDLC yes, we are not in a good shape right now because we started from the scratch but we’ll be a good team by working hard.

Gamerbase: What do you think about Calyx to play for Windigo? Do you think he will achieve good results with Windigo? Would you like to have Calyx and Paz in LDLC? Did you attempt to add them to LDLC before completing a French squad?
Maj3r: Well, I wish Buğra good luck with windigo, he can accommodate himself by working hard,about Paz my brother, of course I wish I could bring him with me to everyteam I play. He is a very talented player, with good understanding of the game , he has potentiel to be the best player in the world with his aim and brain but he has to work. Unfortunately, this panda is very lazy!!! LDLC wanted a French team not international.

Gamerbase: Fifflaren has revealed some shocking information about NiP. What do you think about his revealings? Did you ever experience such issues with an organization you’ve played for?
Maj3r: I didn’t follow the story about NIP so I dont have any comments about it.

Gamerbase: What do you think about Turkey5? Do you think that one day they can represent Turkey as good as Space Soldiers did? Do you plan to come back to Turkey and play for a Turkish team in the future?
Maj3r: Well they are like my family, with all my heart, I wish them success as we did with Space Soldiers, Can Polat is a good leader, manager and a coach. If they trust him and themselves and play like a one team squad, they will do it , I dont have any doubt, I watch all of their games, they have potientiel to do it. For me, I took a hard decision to leave them in the past because of my little girl and some other reasons. I hope that one day I can go and play for a Turkish Team.

Gamerbase: We wish you more happiness together with your baby Defne. Is there anything you would like to say to Turkish CS:GO followers?
Maj3r: Thank you for the interview and thanks to everyone who takes their time to read it.


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