Disclaimer: This content is based on the author’s sources and may not be 100% true. According to the revealed email Valve has sent to their partners previously, it’s not possible to organize a major tournament in Sydney due to the time zone unless Valve decides to make a change.

According to our information we gathered from our sources, ESL will organize 2020s first major in Sydney, Australia.

Berlin major has ended recently and the community is curious about when is the next major tournament. There are many people who think that the next major will be played in USA. However, according to our sources, Valve isn’t considering USA yet.

Gamerbase’s sources revealed that next major will be organized by ESL and played in Sydney, Australia. The name of the tournament will be “IEM Sydney CS:GO Major Championship 2020”. It will be played between 11th and 24th of May next year.

It’s known that ESL is changing into a new format which they will organize two grand tournaments in a year. It doesn’t come as a surprise that ESL will be the organization that will take responsibility for 2020s first major. Although Sydney part is a big possiblity, it’s not exactly confirmed.

When this information is confirmed by authorities officially, for the first time the major will be played on a continent other than Europe and America.


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