We had interview with Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu.

Gamerbase: You have coached for Heroic for more than a year in total with a few months of gap in between. Recently, you had resigned after 7 months of continuous coaching. What is the reason behind your resignation? Did the team ask this from you or is it your decision because of a reason we’d like you to tell on the next question 🙂

peacemaker: You are right, the first time I had to take a break due to Health issues, then they asked me to come back a few months later.

Cant goo too deep about the resignation this time, but yes it was my own decision, the timing wasnt perfect (right before Cologne) and of course I wouldve loved to help them for longer, but due to other circumnstances, such as visas to work in EU legally for example, it wasnt possible.

But me and the team are in really good terms, I love the players and wish them the best of luck in their careers!

Gamerbase: Can you tell us a bit about your plans for the future? Are you currently in contact with a team or are you open to offers? Will you continue to be in the esports scene?

peacemaker: Plans for the future is to for sure keep coaching, all the teams I coached for a longer period has delivered good results and improved significantly, huge credits to the players for their dedication and believing in me. I am very passionate and dedicated with my job and even tho I see a lot of criticism about me on social medias, which makes me sad cause ppl really dont wanna see the bigger picture of my career, that drives me to keep improving and doing my best.

Yes, I am currently in talks with 3 teams, im not in a rush but will try to decide my future before the major.

Gamerbase: You have coached, a legendary player, friberg. How’s friberg like? What do you think about him? Some legendary players like him (Get_RiGht and Zeus) have announced that they will quit playing CS: GO. How long can frieberg stay in the professional scene with his current performance?

peacemaker: I have coached not only friberg but a few other legendary players like s1mple, and of course when you get to know them better and see whats behind their success then you fully understand the reasons behind it. They are not talent gifted, theres a lot of good attitude, work ethic and dedication involved.

Friberg is one of the best teammates I ever had, his work ethic and respect for everyone involved in the team is just something that a few of young and upcoming players are missing, he truly deserves a legendary spot in the game, sacrifices a lot for the benefit of the team and is very consistent in his role (for those who doesnt only look at whos fragging and pure stats).

Gamerbase: Can you compare Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Source and CS:GO’s esports and tournament environment for us as someone who have played all these games? Do you miss anything from the old environment?

peacemaker: CS 1.6 was definitely an amazing period, back then lot of the players didnt have good conditions or high sallaries, so everyone was doing their best regardless of becoming rich and popular, the level of competition back then was as big as it is nowdays for sure and competing in a WCG, ESWC or CPL was a dream coming true, so everyone would be willing to sacrifice anything in order to be in those events.

Source in the other hand, never reached the level of popularity that 1.6 had, the game itself was way better in my opinion and we still see a lot of similarities with CSGO nowdays, there was a few big events back then with CGS etc but nothing compared to 1.6, you also needed a way better computer to play, so maybe that could be one of the reasons.

CSGO is for sure the best of all versions, not only the game but the whole environment behind it, the professionalism level, amount of tournaments and quality of good teams, its just amazing to see and it just feel like it keeps growing and becoming more competitive. I am personally very satisfied with the game.

Gamerbase: Together with Team Liquid, you lost to SK Gaming in the final stage of the ESL One Cologne 2016 Major and missed the first place trophy. Can you tell us about this moment? How do players feel about this?

peacemaker: That was for sure a special moment for all of us, we worked together for only 4 months and that was my second professional team as a Coach and IGL, reaching the finals in the Major was above our expectations even tho we knew we were capable of doing it, but it came down to our work ethic and way of preparing for matches back then that I dont think anyone was as prepared as we were. SK back then was just a different beast, i think we were all a bit nervous and we for sure didnt play our A game in that final, in the other hand, SK was in a very good moment and with all their players on the peek of their individual performances and as a team, they 100% deserved it.

Gamerbase: You have coached several CS: GO teams in Brazil, America, Europe and China. Can you compare esports environments in these countries/continents?

peacemaker: Brazil and China are unfortunately not even close to the level I experienced in US and EU, things are getting better, but it really comes down to investment in those regions, not only having more tournaments but having more professional organizations, sponsors and opportunities in general. But I dont see anyone from those regions becoming top teams if they dont move away from their regions and get used to how CS is played internationally.

Gamerbase: What do you think about Turkish players or players with Turkish origin like w0xic, tarik, XANTARES, calyx and gob b? w0xic has won many people’s appreciation with his high-end performance. Do you think w0xic can be one of the best AWP players like KennyS and  guardian in the near future?

peacemaker: Turkey already delivered a lot of talented players, those you mentioned are all really good players, I really like MAJ3R as well. 

Im really happy for the region and I hope we get more events in Turkey as Id personally love to travel there!

Woxic is indeed a beast, his style is hard to counter and he seems to have a lot of potential, I think he can for sure become as good as GuardiaN and KennyS, but nowdays he should be more focused on reaching ZyWoO and s1mple xD

Gamerbase: What do you think of the MIBR’s recent poor performance as a Brazilian? If the offer came, would you like to coach MIBR or did you get an offer by them?

peacemaker: I think they need to reinvent themselves, completely forget what happened in the past, try to take all the pressure out of their shoulders and just find the way it works best for them to approach CS. I think the addition of LUCAS1 can for sure help them in a lot of aspects, time will tell.

If the offer came I would highly consider it and yes there was talks before YNK joined, then zews came back and I think they are satisfied with him.

Gamerbase: Furia and MIBR represent Brazil internationally. Can you tell us about the CS: GO environment in Brazil? And what do you think about Furia signing a 5-year contract with their players?

peacemaker: Hard for me to talk about the CS environment in Brazil when ive been away for almost 3 years now, from what ive heard and the few things I saw its for sure getting better, having big events regularly there is for sure helping a lot.

Regardless of the project, I think a 5 years commitment is too much for young players, I dont know all the details so I cant speak much about it, but I would for sure never sign a 5 years deal unless I had a lot of stability and a very good sallary/plan of raises etc, so I really hope thats the case with them.

Gamerbase: What are your favorite and sad moments in CS/Source/CS: GO? Is there a moment you would like to live again?

peacemaker: Favorite moment in CSGO was reaching the major final with Liquid in 2016, sad moment was leaving Heroic nowadays, me and the players had an amazing connection and I will for sure miss working with them.

Gamerbase: If we ask you to form a team from the players you have coached so far, which players would you add to your team?

peacemaker: I would go for: s1mple, EliGE, stavn, BnTeT, tarik

Good luck figuring out the roles tho, but Id give it a try with tarik or elige IGLing.

Gamerbase: Thank you for accepting this interview! Is there anything else you would like to add?

peacemaker: Thanks for the opportunity and all the kind messages and support I keep receiving and hope I can go to Turkey someday for an event!


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