A possible cheating incident happened at the MSI MGA 2019 CIS closed qualifers that was played yesterday. Team raregods eliminated well known teams in closed qualifers such as pro100 and Syman which will play in StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 as well as many other teams in open qualifers. It’s rumored that not only one player but all of the team were using cheats or involed in cheating to gain advantage over their opponents.

Team raregods removed two of their players ssh1sha and unknownamez that were suspected for cheating and added 3am6es and A1mFlex for finals. Moreover, we learnt that the reason they were removed was not the cheating suspicions but they wanted to sell their HLTV profile slots which is also against the tournament rules.

After the roster change, team raregods lost the first map 16-6 and disqualifed from the tournament due to later joined player Artem “A1mFlex” Kykyshkin being younger than 16, it’s said that he was 14 years old during the tournament.

Last month, Artem Kykyshkin (A1mFlex from raregods) on his social media account;

“I will 100% have a hltv profile on August 10th or 27th”

The community was displeased with the tournament admins’ decision to disqualify team raregods for age restriction and not cheating. ESL admins refused to disqualify the team despite all the evidence and support requests. Therefore, every team that was eliminated by team raregods until the finals was actually eliminated from a tournament that they could possibly win.

When we come to the cheating aspect of the scandal, player unknownamez catches our attention the most. This player has a ban evasion on his FACEIT account which means the player were banned for cheating on another account, created a new account and got caught.

Another player Artem “greemax” Lyubimcev is also not sprout wings as we found out this screenshot of his private conversation on VK , a social media service that is widely used in CIS region, which supports the cheating accusations.


  • Do you want to play esea with cheats today?
  • We need a substitute
  • Buy esea and join the team
  • You will play for the main roster
  • I’m going to kick 2 players
  • Danil, we have a match on Sunday.
  • Are you with us?
  • EAC (Probably the answer of “What anti-cheat do they use?”)
  • R8 can bypass it.
  • but you can’t be too obvious
  • You have to record a pov demo
  • You will be asked for it if needed
  • it will cost 1k 🙁 as I’m buying it for the first time.
  • Which features are you going to be using?

Player Aleksandr “Blaizen” Galyamov is also accused for cheating as Keoz from team Syman provided a pov demo on his Twitter account which we can clearly say that there is something fishy going on.

Scandals isn’t even over yet for raregods. Here you can see from the screen shot that ssh1sha from raregods were banned by EAC while playing against CyberLine and he played with a brand new account on the finals.

MSI Russia made a statement on their Twitter account about the scandals. It’s said that they didn’t know about the scandals until now and they will collect data about the cheating and slot selling incidents and send them over to their head office. It’s also said that if anyone has more evidence they can contact MSI Russia by Twitter DM.

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