We had an interview with Oliver Lumsden.

Gamerbase: Can you give some information about demise as an organisation?

Oliver Lumsden: Demise was founded in November 2017 by  myself and Andy in the UK, we both had a passion for esports and wanted to create a brand that was eye catching, something an esports fan would catch onto and I definitely think we have done that. Earlier this year we added Aziz to the board. We have grown massively in recent months signing players and teams all over the world to compete at the highest level.

Gamerbase: You have made a ton of Turkish esports fan by adding Turkey5 to your organization. Why did you choose Turkey5? What are your long term goals?

Oliver Lumsden: We had a long discussion about which csgo team to go for and ultimately we came to a decision that Turkey5 would be great to sign, not only are they fantastic players but the Turkish esports scene is brilliant and full of talent. We want to thank the fantastic Turkish community. Our long term goals are to work with this team and keep a stable Turkish powerhouse lineup because ultimately that’s what the fans want right? We want to make everyone proud.

Gamerbase: When we look at team’s roster on ESEA we can see “mini2k”. Is he on the full roster? Will you make an announcement about him?

Oliver Lumsden: You’ll have to wait and see 😉

Gamerbase: Will Demise CS:GO team live in England or Turkey? Do you plan on having them in a gaming house in England?

Oliver Lumsden: We are looking at potential offers for gaming houses, it’s definitely something we’re discussing internally and we are waiting for the right opportunity.

Gamerbase: MDL Season is starting this week. What are your goals for ESEA Season 32? Would you like to see the team qualifying to Pro League?

Oliver Lumsden: After unfortunately dropping out of pro league to NiP and Windigo our aim is so get straight back up there as we know we’re capable of fantastic results.

Gamerbase: Do you plan on joining the tournaments that will be played in Turkey?

Oliver Lumsden: We’ll look to attend as many as we can as long as there are no conflicts in events.

Gamerbase: Buying team merch is a problem for Turkish fans as Sterlin has much more value than Turkish Lira. Do you have any plans regarding this issue?

Oliver Lumsden: When we initially released our limited edition Turkish Jersey we had alot of fans say it was too high priced for people in Turkey to buy. So we listen to them and halved the price within 24 hours of them asking! So we’re definitely listening to what people want!

Gamerbase: Thank you for accepting our interview request. Do you want to say anything to Turkish Fans?

Oliver Lumsden: I want to say thank you for giving us such a fantastic welcome into the Turkish esport scene. We hope to do everyone proud!


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