Riot Games’ FPS game Valorant, that is being prepared to be fully released on 2nd of June, is going to be added to the world wide known esports site Faceit.

Valorant just entered the esports scene with ease as many CS:GO players and even professionals decided to switch to Valorant. It seems that Faceit also sees the potential in Valorant regarding esports.

Faceit, which is one of the most preferred platform in the world for esports events, is especially known for its superiority in CS:GO over other services.

Faceit hasn’t released an official matchmaking for VALORANT, probably because the game isn’t fully released yet, or systems aren’t ready, instead there are hubs opened and managed by members or organizations of Faceit.

It seems that the match result will not be gathered from the servers instead captains are expected to enter the results manually on their own. Here is a screenshot of a Valorant Faceit lobby.

Captains will manually enter the results of the match at the end and both sides will have to confirm it, hub admins will interfere if there are any conflicts. As for the game modes, 5v5 and 1v1 formats are available.


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